Careers at OVIK

'A' Players Only Please - Clock watchers and cruisers need not apply.

We're always interested to hear from individuals with the skills we require to continue to develop and expand our products and who can add significant value to OVIK and CROSSWAY.  From design professionals to mechanics and fabricators, admin staff, accountants, engineers, project managers and sales staff; if you're an 'A' player we'd like to hear from you. 

We're a small family company with a big product and, whilst we don't have massive numbes of staff, there's a great deal to do. That's why we want to work with the best people - what we call 'A' players; because we believe 'A' players work best with 'A' players... and a team of 'A'players makes an 'A' grade product.

If you want to drop us your CV and tell us why you'd like to work for OVIK and what, most importantly, you can bring to the show - go to the contact page and get in touch.