TRANSMISSION and DRIVE OPTIONS. GENERAL INFORMATION: The OVIK CENTAUR transmission and drive has been developed to handle significant gross vehicle weights with high engine torque whilst traversing extreme terrain. The CENTAUR transmission and drive line is designed to be incredibly tough and durable and has built-in 'future proofing' features such as bolt-on differential locks and easily changeable differential ratios, for example.  (SCROLL DOWN... Use the scroll bar to the right of this pane to scroll though chassis drive options. I-Phone and I-Pad users may not have this function. Apologies - complain to Apple!)

  • Gearboxes and Transfer Boxes - Transmission starts with the OEM gearbox. Manual or automatic gearboxes are available which are then mated either to FORD, ZF or Mercedes transfer boxes depending on the engine selected.
  • Propeller Shafts - CENTAUR propeller shafts are specifically designed for CENTAUR to cater for high torque inputs and to cope with the extreme angular displacement necessary when traversing complex terrain.
  • Axle and Differential Casings - The CENTAUR 5T (5 tonne) axles are totally unique to the CENTAUR chassis; constructed from super-durable materials the axles tubes and differential casings are all manufactured to the highest levels of accuracy and designed to cope with loads up to five tonnes per axle.
  • Differentials, Diff Locks and LSDs - CENTAUR does not utilise mass produced differentials; our differentials are built specifically for CENTAUR and are designed to cater for extreme torque inputs. You won't find a tougher differential anywhere.
  • A range of differential ratio options is available depending upon the primary intended use of the vehicle once built. Ratios can be selected to provide torque, towing efficiency, accelleration or fuel efficiency, for example. Differential ratios can be altered throughout the life of the CENTAUR chassis.  
  • Differential locks can be integrated at the factory or indeed can be acquired later in the vehicle's life and added as a simple 'bolt-on' upgrade. Differential locks are electro-actuated by simple push-button controls mounted on the CENTAUR dashboard and are available for front and rear axles (all axles in the case of the 6x6 chassis).  
  • Differential locks improve mobility and traction in extreme terrain, especially in mud, sand, snow and icy conditions.
  • Limited Slip Differentials (LSD) are available as an option; LSDs improve mobility by further increasing traction at the wheels. LSDs can also be fitted with differntial locks if required. Clutch plates are selectable and pre-load is fully adjustable either at factory or by the end-user / final vehicle integrator.
  • Half Shafts. CENTAUR half shafts are produced from extreme grade materials which are incredibly durable allowing an enromous degree of torsional twist without fracture or plastic deformation. CENTAUR half shafts have been tested to over 535° of rotational twist without damage; to put that into context a very popular 'British' OEM 4x4 was tested and half shafts sheared at 230° of rotation. The processes employed in the production of CENTAUR half shafts includes a complex heat treatment process, shot peening to relieve stresses and specialist cyrogenic treatment combined with high grade polishing.
  • Portal Axles - Portal axles are available as an option  (see 5. SYSTEM OPTIONS on this page). Portal axles improve ground clearance by raising the axles and differential carriers an additonal 120mm (available from May 2014).
  • Constant Velocity Joints. CENTAUR CV joints are made from super grade materials and are designed to cater for extreme torque inputs and severe terrain without suffering damage.
  • CENTAUR CV joints feature 'fused' stub-shafts so that, in the event that the drive train is over-torqued the stub shaft will act as a sacrificial element and will fail in order to protect the major drive line assemblies. Stub shafts can be replaced in less than five minutes, in the field, by a trained vehicle operator; this system ensures that the vehicle maintaines operational effectiveness when vehicles with standard AWD / 4x4 drive lines would suffer catastrophic damage and undoubtedly mission failure.
  • By way of comparison, the OVIK CENTAUR final drive line will cater for over 10,000 Nm of torque so, to ensure drive-line protection our stub shafts have been designed and tested to shear at 9,400Nm of torque. A popular 'British' OEM 4x4's sub shafts were tested and found to shear at a mere 4,800Nm.
  • Drive Flanges - OVIK CENTAUR drive flanges are produced from extreme grade materials and are consequently extremly strong and wear resistant.
  • Wheels - Wheels form an important and often overlooked component of the full drive-line on any vehicle. If wheels fail, missions fail. At OVIK CENTAUR we will not compromise on the standard of our wheels. OVIK CENTAUR chassis come equipped with bespoke CENTAUR 17", 3 piece, extreme duty, alloy wheels, designed to cater with the high torque, high payloads and extreme terrain associated with most CENTAUR applications. Our wheels are produced by a world renowned wheel manufacturer and are designed specifically for CENTAUR. All wheels come fitted for integrated Central Tyre Inflation System (CTIS) valves, bead locks and run flat inserts (see 5. SYSTEM OPTIONS on this page for more information).

ALL WHEEL DRIVE OPTIONS - The CENTAUR chassis is available in either 4x4 or 6x6 drive configuration. The nature of the all-wheel drive configuration depens largely upon the engine and transmission installation.

Depending upon engine and transmission selection, CENTAUR chassis will be either permanent 4x4 or selectable 4x2 / 4x4. In the case of the six wheeled chassis, drive is standard 6x4 with permanent drive to the two rear axles and selectable front axle drive to create a true 6x6. 

4x4 VERSUS 6x6 - The difference between the performance of CENTAUR 4x4 and 6x6 chassis in terms of terrain accessibility is negligible, both systems are designed to cope with complex terrain, a range of conditions (mud, sand, snow, ice) and extreme climates. The advantage of the 6x6 over the 4x4 is simply its ability to carry a greater net payload with a slightly increased load-bed area as an option.  


PERMANENT 4x4 DRIVE OPTIONS - With certain engine and transmission configurations the CENTAUR chassis will be supplied with a permanent 4 wheel drive configuration equipped with selectable high and low ratios. This format applies to the 2.8 International diesel engine (with manual or automatic gearbox) or the 2.2 or 3.2 FORD PUMA engines with manual gearbox options. With permanent 4 wheel drive configurations, high and low ratios are selectable along with optional differential locks on either front, rear or both axles.

SELECTABLE 4x4 DRIVE OPTIONS - If opting for either the 2.2 or 3.2 FORD PUMA diesel engines with automatic transmission or the 5.0 litre FORD COYOTE engine with automatic transmission, drive is in permanent standard 4x2 configuration (rear wheel drive) with selectable 4x4, high and low ratios and optional differential lock on either front, rear or both axles.  







6x6 DRIVE CONFIGURATION - The CENTAUR 6x6 is only available with a fully automatic gearbox. Standard duty drive is in 6x4 configuration with drive to the two rear axles. Front axle drive is selectable as required.