The CENTAUR basic chassis cowl allows customers total freedom with regards to final vehicle build and styling. If you're looking to develop your own specialist vehicle, perhaps an armoured application or maybe a specialist utility vehicle - the CENTAUR basic 4x4 chassis cowl provides you with the perfect underpinnings.

The Basic 4x4 Chassis Cowl is fully driveable and includes:

  • Full CENTAUR chassis - rated to either 3.5 or 5 tonnes
  • Choice of engines and drive lines
    • FORD Duratorq 3.2 Litre (200BHP / 470nm) Euro 5 spec - Diesel
    • FORD Duratorq 2.2 Litre (140 BHP) Euro 5 Spec - Diesel
    • 300 TDI - 140 BHP - Euro 3 spec - Diesel
  • Fully integrated cooling and exhaust pack
  • 4X4 Transmission (4x2 / 4x4 change-on-the-fly)
  • 6 speed auto or 6 speed manual transmission (4 speed auto and 5 speed manual transmission with 300TDI)
  • Fully integrated vehicle electrics - distributed to normal service areas for lights etc - with easy access distribution panel
  • 12v and / or 24v electrics
  • Airconditioning (optional)
  • 60 litre fuel tank (long range fuel tanks optional)
  • Central Tyre Inflation System (optional)
  • A choice of brakes (to be specified depending on predicted final build spec)
  • ABS brakes optional (from June 2014)
  • Heavy duty Axles with Differential locks (optional)
  • Heavy duty suspenion (including anti-roll bars - heavy duty radius arms etc)
  • Fully integrated and functioning dashboard with blank switching options for further integration
  • Heavy duty (1.5 tonne rating) wheels and tyres (tyres mixed road / off road)
  • 1 x fully adjustable driver's seat (passenger seat optional)

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The CENTAUR Standard Chassis Cowl incorporates all the feaures of the Basic Chassis Cowl but also includes:

  • Fold down integrated windscreen
  • Fully integrated roll cage for driver / passenger
  • Driver's and passenger's seats
  • Windscreen wipers





















CENTAUR Advanced Chassis Cowl incoprorates all the fatures of the Standard Chassis Cowl but also includes:

  • Fully integrated bonnet (hood) wings, front bumper, lighting, grille
  • Winch bumper with integrated front winch (optional)
  • Full front lighting system (integrated)















The Basic 4x4 Chassis Cab is the first in the chassis cab line-up. Incorporating all the features of the 4x4 Advanced Chassis Cowl, the 4x4 Basic Chassis Cab also features a fully integrated cab roof, doors, side windows, rear bulk-head and rear window. The cab features basic levels of comfort, trim, sound proofing and interior lighting.

The CENTAUR 4x4 Standard Chassis Cab is fully road-legal. Incorporating all the features of the 4x4 Basic Chassis Cab and including rear wheel spats, chassis sills and fully integrated rear lighting.

The CENTAUR Advanced Chassis Cab takes your vehicle to a new level. In addition to the Standard Chassis Cab features the Advanced Chassis Cab can be delivered with a range of basic body modules, providing the customer with 'off-the-shelf' functionality.

Body modules available include:

  • Pick-Up - Add significant load carrying capacity with a CENTAUR Pick-Up Module (Available fixed or as a hydraulic tipper)
  • Box Body - Take delivery of a CENTAUR Advanced Chassis Cab with an integrated body module, ready to be fitted out by the customer or by CENTAUR Special Projects Division according to customer requirements. Passenger carriage, ambulance, command vehicle... The Box Body is a highly flexible system allowing for a range of diverse applications.
  • Armoured Shell - Receive CENTAUR with a fullly integrated armoured body (windows and door apertures as per your requirements) ready to be fitted out either by CENTAUR Special Projects Division or the integrator of your choice.