CROSSWAY Vehicles & CENTAUR Chassis

OVIK CROSSWAY is a new, heavy duty AWD vehicle platform designed for highly specialist applications. Available under the CROSSWAY mark as a fully integrated specialist vehicle built to customers' specifications or under the CENTAUR mark as a rolling chassis and configured for onwards development by 3rd party vehicle integrators.

CROSSWAY is an all terrain, role-flexible, heavy duty vehicle platform with significant payload and optimised for highly specialist roles. Built onto the OVIK CENTAUR 4x4 or 6x6 chassis to meet customers' specific requirements, all CROSSWAY vehicles benefit from super heavy duty underpinnings designed for prolonged, arduous employment in the most extreme climatic and operational conditions. CROSSWAY is available from OVIK as a road ready chassis cab suitable for 3rd party body development or as a fully integrated vehicle designed and built to meet customers' specific and exacting requirements. CROSSWAY applications include armoured vehicles, armoured and non-armoured ambulances, logistics vehicles, weapons support platforms, reconnaissance, surveillance and border patrol vehicles. 

CENTAUR CHASSIS    For customers wishing to take on a much higher level of construction and development, OVIK offers the CENTAUR chassis as a fully running chassis cowl, complete with engine and transmission of choice and bespoke electronic architecture - ready for onwards development and integration by a 3rd party developer. Gross vehicle weights of 5 tonnes in 4x4 and 6 tonnes in 6x6 format.

OVIK CROSSWAY. Born to the task....

OVIK CROSSWAY. No Compromises.

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"Design the vehicle for the worst possible operational scenario and then over engineer it"

Central to our design and manufacturing ethos is the principle of giving our customers as many options and choices as possible in the configuration of the chassis and as much freedom as they need in the design of the complete, bespoke vehicle solution.  We don't think customers with highly specialised vehicle requirements, should have to work around the shortcomings of mass produced OEM 4x4s; we don't think it's acceptable that end-users should pay good money for a highly polished, mass produced vehicle then have to go through the task of deconstructing the vehicle in order to upgrade it before modifying it so that it's fit for purpose.

At OVIK CROSSWAY, we only build the vehicles our customers actually need and want. Vehicles fit for purpose. The right vehicle for the mission. The right vehicle for the task. 

To many in the cut-throat world of mass vehicle manufacture such a philosophy would seem completely crazy; it runs contrary to all the principles of modern volume vehicle production. Of course we respect our collegues who design and build AWD vehicles for the mass market, for the most part they do a fabulous job, producing outstanding, good looking vehicles, engineered to be cost effective and extremely safe. In doing so they meet the primary demands of the mass market whilst keeping their profit margins healthy and their share holders happy. Indeed, most of us at OVIK CROSSWAY own at least one mass-market 4x4 vehicle, so of course... we get it! But mass market AWD vehicles are not designed for the most extreme, specialist applications.

At OVIK CROSSWAY we don't cater for the mass market, the dogma of the value engineer or the pocket of the shareholder; we cater for the niche customer, the specialist, the exceptional end-user who requires a vehicle to deliver more than the average 4x4. We cater for customers who require a machine to do truly extraordinary jobs in extraordinary circumstances.

Through years of personal experience of vehicle-borne operations in the defence, security, emergency services and utilities sectors, the OVIK CROSSWAY team knows that even the most robust mass produced 4x4 vehicles require serious modifications and upgrades to be able to achieve even the basic levels of performance, reliability and capabilty required to perform and survive in the most demanding and challenging operational and environmental conditions. From riots to deserts, from the battlefield to the bush fire, converted SUVs and utility trucks work at the limits of their capability, performance, payload, endurance and reliability. OVIK CROSSWAY however....... is born to the task.