We have a pretty simple ethos; we do what we enjoy doing, do it well, do it with integrity and have fun doing it.


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The experienced OVIK team benefits from a wide and diverse background. Many of our staff have served in the armed forces and emergency services; over 100 years of combined front-line service operating, maintaining and developing vehicles gives the OVIK team a unique perspective when it comes to understanding some of the complex requirements and design challenges presented to us by our customers.

Founded by brothers Jez and Duncan Hermer in 2008 and part of the OVIK Group of companies - OVIK is a dynamic, energetic company staffed by an experienced team of professional designers, engineers, artisans and support staff, all of whom share a passion for specialist vehicle design and manufacture.

Duncan Hermer - Managing Director

Joint Owner
Managing Director
Business Operations
Business Development
Company Strategy
Specialities - Business Development 
Passions - Business and Vehicles

Jez Hermer MBE - Chief Executive

Joint Owner
Chief Executive
Projects Director
Product Development Strategy
New Concept Development
Specialities - Armoured vehicle design / All terrain & amphibious vehicles
Passions - See above.. plus motorcycles and powerboats

OVIKs Two premier products - OVIK CROSSWAY Multi-Role Armoured Vehicle and OVERLORD - Medium Tactical Armoured Vehicle

OVIK CROSSWAY Multi-Role Vehicle (MRV)

Designed, developed and manufactured by OVIK - the CROSSWAY 4x4 and 6x6 vehicle is one of the most versatile specialist vehicles in the world.  With almost unlimited applications OVIK will design and build a body style to meet your precise needs. Armoured or non-armoured, pickup or station wagon, troop carrier or fire truck, agricultural vehicle or ambulance..... No other vehicle company has the flexibility of OVIK; a company with a product suited to every type of application... and should your requirement stretch beyond the 7.5 tonnes gross weight that CROSSWAY is capable of - then of course.. there's always the OVERLORD, taking your requirements up to 16 tonnes.  





OVIK OVERLORD - Medium Tactical Armoured Vehicle


OVIK OVERLORD Medium Tactical Armoured Vehicle (M-TAV) takes the CROSSWAY concept and adds muscle, size and considerable levels of protection. 

As armoured vehicle manufacturers OVIK is able to deliver a full suite of armoured and specialist vehicles, based upon OVIK chassis and designs

From an ultra lightweight - airportable CROSSWAY at 2 tonnes to a fully integrated and heavily protected OVERLORD at 16 tonnes - the OVIK range of vehicles will deliver the capability and flexibility required.

Based upon elements of vital common architecture the OVIK range is cost effective and supportable through life.