JANUARY 5th 2013

OVIK's Business Shift Focusses on New Product Range

Following two highly successful years which has seen OVIK grow significantly from a repected engineering and design consultancy into a manufacturing company, businees owners Duncan Hermer MD and CEO Jez Hermer MBE have announced a total re-focus of the OVIK business model away from engineering, design consultancy and vehicle conversions and 100% towards the company's new products; the CROSSWAY All Terrain Vehicle and the STRIVE Heavy Duty chassis system.

"In future all of our special vehicle products will be based on the CROSSWAY vehicle which is built on the OVIK STRIVE chassis; we will also be offering the STRIVE chassis as a stand-alone product for 3rd party vehicle development" Scott Marsden - OVIK Head of Design

MD Duncan Hermer said "It's been a great couple of years especially with the success of the PANGOLIN armoured vehicle programme but we had to have a serious think about the company and its future. Ultimately, we decide upon a strategy to move away from vehicle conversions and general defence vehicle design consulting and move wholeheartedly towards developing a 100% pure OVIK specialist vehicle platform".

Describing their desire to be 'masters of their own destiny' Jez Hermer said "we don't want to be beholden to OEMs and their ever shifting product ranges. Who knows where Land Rover DEFENDER will be in five years time? Moreover, we wanted to produce a vehicle and chassis system more suited to the rigours of the environments where our vehicles often end up i.e. the battlefield, the riot, the desert or the jungle for example".

"We know all too well some of the shortcomings of the popular OEM 4x4s and so called 'all terrain vehicles'. Mass produced chassis and vehicles are never really going to be up to the demands placed on the vehicles we are asked to build - so we've decided to build our own".

The new vehicle range will be named the CROSSWAY; with all vehicles being built on OVIK's extremely heavy duty STRIVE chassis system which will also become a stand-alone product in its own right.

Duncan Hermer "We're equally as happy to supply our rolling chassis to other 3rd party vehicle developers and integrators as we are to sell complete vehicles.  We know we can't win every bit of global specialist vehicle business and so, if we can partner with other companies, paricularly overseas, we stand a good chance of having our STRIVE chassis in a respectable number of programmes". 

The STRIVE chassis and its fuly developed CROSSWAY stablemate deliver a number of unique selling points which OVIK beleive will be attractive to the very specilaist vehicle market.  Gross vehicle weights of 5 tonnes in 4x4 format and 6 tonnes in 6x6 format along with 24V electrics, integrated central tyre inflation systems, power distribution to various take-off points, full waterproofing, respectabe wading depths and a host of specialist bolt-on applications. 

"We wanted to build the 'Swiss Army Knife' of vehicles and in CROSSWAY we think we've acheived it"