STRIVE Chassis Stable Grows

Following on from the successful launch of the 280 chassis in April 2013, OVIK announced delivery of the first full production variants of the 230 and 320 chassis ready for customer orders to commence in Autumn 2013.

The STRIVE 230 chassis adds a shorter, lighter and more manoevrable chassis to the STRIVE line up. Maintaining an impressive 4.25 tonne gross vehicle weight the 230 chassis punches way above its weight. Developed initially in response to customer demands for a short chassis, lightweight vehicle for airborne operations, the 230 will no doubt win its spurs in a vast range of roles and variants in the future.





The STRIVE 280 chassis will remain at the vanguard of STRIVE productuon and provides the basis for the majority of CROSSWAY vehicle offerings. Striking a perfect balance between payload, chassis-bed length, maoevrability and mobiluty.  With GVW caoability up to 5 tonnes in 4x4 format, the 280 is a true all-rounder.





The STRIVE 320 chassis provides a longer wheelbase to support an increased length cargo bed or body. With a maintained GVW of 5 tonnes the 320 chassis still offers a class topping net payload in excess of 2.2 tonnes when developed into a CROSSWAY pickup for example.





Development of the STRIVE 230 also set in train the development of the new 6x6 which will feature with a first axle wheelbase of 230, reducing the overall length of the 6x6 chassis to maintain manoeuvrability and mobility whilst increasing gross vehicle weight to 6 tonnes.