CROSSWAY - Multi-role Armoured Vehicle Family

When it comes to protection, your team deserves the best.

The OVIK CROSSWAY family of Multi Role Armoured Vehicles (MRAV) provides fully flexible armoured solutions to suit a diverse range of modern operational requirements.

Available from OVIK in a range of body formats and rapidly re-configurable both internally and externally, the Multi-Role Armoured Vehicle family can be re-roled to deliver capability across a broad operational and threat spectrum – from secure movement of personnel to Counter-Terrorist operations; from building assault operations and public order to armed response and all-terrain logistics. OVIK CROSSWAY Multi Role Armoured Vehicle is the ultimate lightweight armoured solution, setting the new standard in cost effective, reliable multi role armoured vehicles.

The OVIK CROSSWAY MRAV family is a range of truly versatile armoured vehicles built to customers' precise requirements. Available as a specialist armoured vehicle for police, VIPs, humanitarian or military operations; built on the OVIK heavy duty CENTAUR chassis and with a range of engine options from 2.8 litre diesel to 3.2 litre diesel and 4.5 litre petrol V8 options. Transmissions can be 5 or 6 speed automatic or manual whilst interior and body configuration is totally flexible and completely configurable.


"......most end-users have no idea they're in an inferior armoured vehicle... until it's too late"

CROSSWAY - Multi Role Armoured Vehicle Details

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In 2012, following a great deal of success with various platforms such as the PANGOLIN Armoured Public Order Vehicle and the CAMELEON Multi-Mission Vehicle, OVIK embarked upon a strategy to design and build a complete, new armoured vehicle - from the ground up. The OVIK design and engineering team knew that the only way to build a true armoured vehicle, in the <6 tonne weighT category without compromises was to start with a fresh approach blank sheet of paper.

The result is CROSSWAY MRAV, a family of true 4x4 and 6x6, all terrain, multi-role armoured vehicles available in multiple body formats including armoured, semi-armoured, public order (riot), counter terrorist or multi-role police.

The OVIK CROSSWAY MRAV family is built on OVIK's own, unique chassis which gives the vehicle the ability to operate at up to 5 tonnes GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight) in 4x4 format and up to 6 tonnes GVW in 6x6 format - placing it way ahead of any other vehicle in its class.


Internal volume and street presence are two key design features of the OVIK CROSSWAY armoured vehicle range. 

Naturally, internal volume is all-important in a vehicle which has a role in security and support operations; the ability to carry fully equipped personel or key, high value, mission-essential equipment is a vital component of CROSSWAY's capability.  The CROSSWAY design team carried out months of research and development to establish optimal internal volume, excellent ergonomics and complete modularity.  We worked with many end-user groups including police specialist firarms units, special forces and specialist humanitarian aid delivery agencies to ensure that the final CROSSWAY internal space is useable, configurable and appropriate for a range of vital missions and tasks, whilst not impacting negatively upon the vehicle's centre of gravity, handling and mobility characteristics.

In parallel with ensuring that the internal volume is sufficient for the many roles demanded of CROSSWAY, the design team also set about making sure that the vehicle's styling delivers real street 'presence'.  The aim was to design a vehicle with styling which befits its role, whilst not making the vehicle look overtly 'military' and thus making it apprpriate for police and humanitarian tasks. 

The image to the left puts CROSSWAY 4x4 MRAV (standard body) into context next to the latest Range Rover Vogue.  It can be seen that CROSSWAY has significant presence, even when compared to a vehicle as imposing as a Range Rover; yet, in this case, CROSSWAY 4x4 on a 280 CENTAUR Chassis occupies the same ground footprint as the Range Rover.



The OVIK CROSSWAY MRAV family of vehicles can be armoured to counter a range of ballistic threats including B6 / B7 and STANAG level 1.

The advantages of CROSSWAY armoured vehicles lie in their unique, ground-up design. The armoured variants of CROSSWAY are designed as purely armoured vehicles; there are none of the compromises necessary on the more traditional 'up-armoured' proprietary vehicles (such as an armoured Land Rover or Land Cruiser). A simple, elegant armoured capsule as employed on CROSSWAY MRAV, negates the need to work around an original vehicle's architecture and produces a better protected and more weight efficient solution; giving you peace of mind and sufficient payload to complete your operation without having to make compromises.


As a company OVIK has extensive experience of armoured vehicle design whilst OVIK management and staff benefit from real, personal experience of armoured vehicle operations. That knowledge and experience, combined with the recent success of OVIK’s PANGOLIN Armoured Public Order Vehicle for the Police Service of Northern Ireland (178 vehicles in service) has been applied in the creation of OVIK’s new CROSSWAY MRAV family.

Can You Really Afford Not to Choose an OVIK CROSSWAY Armoured Vehicle?

In the past decade a host of unlikely companies, spying a quick financial return, have become involved in the production of so called 'armoured' vehicles. Many of these companies have come into the business with little or no real understanding of the operational requirements for armoured vehicles or the needs of the end user; they carry out poor armoured conversions of OEM or proprietary vehicles, applying none of the international standards necessary when designing armoured bodies, selecting materials and constructing their vehicles. Many of these companies pay lip-service to the limitations of the OEM vehicle they're converting; ignoring brake limitations, payload reduction, overall vehicle gross weight and the inevitable impact the armouring process has on the vehicle's centre of gravity. Too many so called 'armouring' companies are using plasma cutters and lasers to profile armour - which badly affects the quality of the armour and its protection levels. Moreover, they employ welders who are unqualified to weld armour plate; they fail to maintain standards and they source cheap 'armoured' materials. Unfortunately, the unwary and unsuspecting customer rarely knows or understands any of these issues. 

The problem with poorly manufactured and badly designed armoured vehicles is that most end-users have no idea they're in an inferior product... until it's too late.              

Many vehicle 'armouring' companies now produce their armoured vehicles in the Middle East in a bid to cut costs; and cut costs they certainly do. Whilst there is nothing wrong with manufacturing in the Middle East - many of these companies are using cheap, imported labour without the necessary skills for welding and armouring. The armoured properties of steel can be destroyed in a heartbeat if the wrong techniques and materials are used. Customers don't see beyond the glossy videos and the shiny show-

stands; when they tour the factories only the fully qualified welders and fabricators are on display; but if they were to visit during the night shift... it would be a different story. We know this because we've witnesseed it with our own eyes. Numerous times. The reality is that much of the work that is carried out is sub standard and hidden behind trim panels and paint.

Are you prepared to take these risks with the safety of your personnel?


At OVIK we only use the very latest armoured materials sourced from reputable, European companies with full certification; we only employ certified and codified construction techniques in the manufacture of CROSSWAY armoured vehicles, including water jet cutting of armour - the only safe way to profile armour without compromising its material hardness. We only use qualified and experienced engineers, technicians, artisans and craftsmen.

At OVIK CROSSWAY most of our designers have experienced life inside an armoured vehicle, whilst under fire; we think that's a good starting point for any armoured vehicle designer. Our engineers and technicians all have years of relevant exprience, designing, building, testing and operating armoured vehicles. We meet and exceed all the international standards for vehicle armouring and only select the very best materials with full certification and documentation which we then pass on to our customers for total peace of mind.

OVIK CROSSWAY armoured vehicles are available with protection levels ranging from B4 - B7 or STANAG level 2; we can add further protection and enhancements in specific areas as required.

If you are considering investing in armoured vehicles then invest in something you can trust. If you want to ensure that your personnel are safe, speak to OVIK. We do not compromise on armouring standards. Ever.


Total Flexibility in Design. Total Protection. Total Peace of Mind.

The OVIK CROSSWAY Multi Role Armoured Vehicle is built to customer requirements.  4x4 or 6x6 with up to 2 tonnes of useable payload the multi role armoured CROSSWAY is available in numerous body types, from logistics to ambulance, from personnel carrier to border patrol.  All variants are designed to protect your team from the ballistic threats now so common a feature in the more troubled areas of the world. OVIK CROSSWAY Armour, designed to give you and your organisation total peace of mind. 

OVIK CROSSWAY Armoured Border Patrol Vehicle

The CROSSWAY Public Order Vehicle builds upon the success of the OVIK PANGOLIN Public Order vehicle design. 178 PANGOLINs have so far been built on Land Rover chassis. This all new vehicle replaces the PANGOLIN and places this public order design on the OVIK CENTAUR chassis with an all-new power train – increasing payload, reliability, power and improving handling. The last word in Public Order armoured patrol vehicles.

Built on the OVIK HEAVY DUTY CENTAUR Chassis

Sliding Transparent Armour – (optional)
Weapon engagement ports (optional)
Integrated Surveillance Systems (optional)
Remote locking mechanism for rear doors
Drop-down under-skirt side shields (optional)
Front and rear drop down under shields (optional)
High impact resistant, composite bonnet and wings

Explosive resistant fuel tank 500KM Range
Long range fuel tank – 800km (optional)
Fire resistant external paint
Fire resistant fuel lines
Fire Suppression System (external) (optional)
Fire suppression system (internal) (optional)