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CROSSWAY - Born to the Task...

Ambulances . Logistics . Modular Load Changers . Workshops . Oil Exploration . Security . Agricultural . Mining . Towing . Pickups . Water Bowsers . Fuel Tankers . Airport Crash Tenders

All CROSSWAY vehicles are built onto the OVIK CENTAUR heavy duty chassis. With a pedigree straight from the defence sector the CENTAUR chassis was born to be tough and, because of that, you can rest assured that every CROSSWAY vehicle is underpinned by the most durable and hard working chassis there is. So whether you're a member of a mountain rescue team or an all terrain logistics contractor you know that OVIK CROSSWAY will meet the challenge; whatever it is.  

Whatever you need, trust CROSSWAY for the most demanding tasks in the most extreme environmenst in the most extreme environments. 


The 4x4 or 6x6 Chassis Cab is the first in the chassis cab line-up and represemts the basis of a wide range of CROSSWAY utilities. Available for onwards 3rd party body development.

Incorporating all the features of the 4x4 Advanced Chassis Cowl, the 4x4 Basic Chassis Cab also features a fully integrated cab roof, doors, side windows, rear bulk-head and rear window. The cab features basic levels of comfort, trim, sound proofing and interior lighting.

The STRIVE 4x4 Standard Chassis Cab is fully road-legal. Incorporating all the features of the 4x4 Basic Chassis Cab and including rear wheel spats, chassis sills and fully integrated

The STRIVE Advanced Chassis Cab takes your vehicle to a new level. In addition to the Standard Chassis Cab features the Advanced Chassis Cab can be delivered with a range of basic body modules, providing the customer with 'off-the-shelf' functionality.

Body modules available include:

  • Pick-Up - Add significant load carrying capacity with a CENTAUR Pick-Up Module (Available fixed or as a hydraulic tipper)
  • Box Body - Take delivery of a CENTAUR Advanced Chassis Cab with an integrated body module, ready to be fitted out by the customer or by CENTAUR Special Projects Division according to customer requirements. Passenger carriage, ambulance, command vehicle... The Box Body is a highly flexible system allowing for a range of diverse applications.
  • Armoured Shell - Receive CENTAUR with a fullly integrated armoured body (windows and door apertures as per your requirements) ready to be fitted out either by CENTAUR Special Projects Division or the integrator of your choice.



Based upon OVIK’s own, ultra strong HEAVY DUTY CENTAUR chassis.


Built on the OVIK HEAVY DUTY CENTAUR Chassis

OVIK CROSSWAY's class-leading payload capabililty places it in a leage of its own as a high capacity, general-service logistics vehicle.  

With various body styles available, ranging from pickup to box body and specialist panel body, CROSSWAY utility vehicles, based on the CENTAUR chassis system, deliver true capability and reliablity.  

CROSSWAY Utility is the perfect partner for your fleet of more specialist CROSSWAY and CENTAUR based solutions; providing fleet commonality of spares and unified operator and technical training and support logistics.

As a general purpose, general utility vehicle and as part of a wider, specialist fleet, CROSSWAY utility is the obvious fleet work horse solution.  

Available with a range of rear body configurations including:

Canvas Top / Hard Back / Box Body / Flat Bed 


CROSSWAY - Modular Mission Vehicle

Based upon OVIK’s own, ultra strong HEAVY DUTY STRIVE chassis.


One Vehicle - Multiple Missions

The OVIK CROSSWAY Modular Mission System utilises the unique YOYO load changer system both to manage logistical loads and / or to completely re-role the vehicle.

This is a highly specialised demount or load changer system; but gone is the cumbersome, expensive and heavy hydraulic hook system normally required to change payload as part of a demount or 'DROPS' system; the YOYO load changer is a revolution in vehicle modular load system management. YOYO utilises cables and electronics to swap loads of up to 3 tonnes in a little under 60 seconds.

Mounted onto the OVIK CROSSWAY 6x6 the YOYO system transforms the vehicle into a truly modular demount vehicle; making loading, unloading and management of containerised loads simpler than ever before.  What's more, with the OVIK Modular Mission System - the YOYO load changer is employed to actually swap the rear body; effectively re-roling the vehicle.


CROSSWAY - Ambulance

Based upon OVIK’s own, ultra strong HEAVY DUTY STRIVE chassis.


Built on the OVIK HEAVY DUTY CENTAUR Chassis

Please contact OVIK CROSSWAY regarding ambulance variant capabilities and design. Thank you.


CROSSWAY - Utility Body

Based upon OVIK’s own, ultra strong HEAVY DUTY STRIVE chassis.


Built on the OVIK HEAVY DUTY CENTAUR Chassis

A wide range of utility bodies are available for OVIK CROSSWAY. Please contact us with your requireMents and we'll work to design and produce a utility body design to meet your requirements precisely.











CROSSWAY - Fire Tender

Based upon OVIK’s own, ultra strong HEAVY DUTY STRIVE chassis.


Built on the OVIK HEAVY DUTY CENTAUR Chassis

OVIK CROSSWAY provides an exceptional base vehicle for development as a fire tender or emergency fire vehicle. Whether it's airfield crash response or forestry fire tender, CROSSWAY has the water carriage payload, the off road capability and on-board pump-power to provide the perfect basis for fire response.

Whilst 4x4 CROSSWAY provides the basis of a uniquely agile fire response vehicle - the 6x6 variant delivers additional payload and reach making it an exceptionally flexible emergency fire and rescue response platform. Transmission Power Take Off (PTO) provides the ability to drive heavy duty pump machinery whilst the 3.5 tonne plus payload allows significant scope for carriage of specialist equipment and water for direct fire suppression or for use as part of a high volume fire-fogging or foam suppression capability.










CROSSWAY - Towing Vehicles

Based upon OVIK’s own, ultra strong HEAVY DUTY STRIVE chassis.


Full specilist tractor and trailer rigs up to 10 tonnes. 

OVIK CROSSWAY provides the ultimate 'non-truck' towing solution. In both 4x4 and 6x6 format CROSSWAY can be configured with maximum towing capability in mind.  Utilising either a conventional tow hitch for pulling loads up to 3.5 tonnes or a '5th wheel' truck hitch mounted on the rear chassis for towing loads of up to 7 tonnes with an air braked trailer, CROSSWAY represents a unique towing capability. For specialist applications such a defence or emerency services or for leisure pursuits such as equestrian or race car transportation and track support, CROSSWAY is in a league of its own.

OVIK will design and build your full specialist towing application - be it a heavy boat and trailer combiniation, a live-aboard equestrian outfit or a race car and support trailer - we'll design and build the full tractor and trailer rig.

Talk to us about your tractor and trailer requirements.