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CROSSWAY Defence and Security Vehicles

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OVIK CROSSWAY was born in the defence and security arena and is thus uniquely adaptable to the rigors of the battlefield, security and policing environments.

Based on the heavy duty OVIK CENTAUR chassis, the CROSSWAY vehicle architecture is designed specifically to be totally adaptable and to support a wide range of specialist body applications and roles. Available built to customers' specific requirements, the sheer range and flexibility of application is totaly unmatched by any other vehicle. 

Whatever your requirement in the extreme world of defence, security and policing, OVIK CROSSWAY will tailor a solution to meet your demands.  Armoured or soft-skinned, ambulance or logistics, command & control or reconnaissance.... Let CROSSWAY escort you into the danger zone.

interior of the crossway armoured vehicle


OVIK CROSSWAY Multi Role Armoured Vehicle Control Centre.   The image to the left shows just one example of how specialist systems can be integrated to CROSSWAY vehicles. In this instance the vehicle is equipped with:

  • Local situation awareness cameras (LSAS)
  • 6m mast-mounted 360 degree thermal and high resolution camera system with full global HD transmision capability
  • Internal and exterenal 'Smart' fire suppression systems
  • Dual circuit, split charging systems
  • Battery management
  • Smart load shedding
  • Off-board power feed and battery conditioning system
  • A full range of specialist communications
  • Satellite data systems
  • Blue light and siren warning system
  • Integrated high output HVAC
  • Tactical lighting
  • Run lock security system
  • Central locking
  • Remote immobiliser
  • GPS and a global vehicle tracking system
  • internal / external intercom system


Why Choose an OVIK CROSSWAY Armoured Vehicle?

OVIK CROSSWAY's heritage lies in the armoured vehicle arena with the very first CROSSWAY vehicles and CENTAUR chassis having been developed specifically to fulfill an armoured vehicle requirement. OVIK CROSSWAY armoured vehicles benefit from OVIK's background and pedigree in the design and development of specialist armoured vehicles for the police and defence sectors.

Originally designed and built specifically for armoured applications, the heavy duty CENTAUR chassis provides the perfect basis for the design and construction of highly protected armoured vehicles. Unlike all other armoured vehicles in the 6 tonne weight category, CROSSWAY armoured vehicles are not modified, converted or 'up-armoured' utility trucks or SUVs. OVIK CROSSWAY armoured vehicles feature a purpose-built armoured 'cortex' or 'hull' providing maximum protection and zero ballistic leakage; all built onto a chassis and drive train purpose built for the job.

OVIK CROSSWAY armoured vehicles provide a fully flexible solution to suit a diverse range of modern operational armoured vehicle requirements. Rapidly re-roled and re-configured both internally and externally, CROSSWAY armour delivers capability across a broad operational and threat spectrum, from counter terrorist duties to protected humanitarian logistics operations and from public order roles to police armed response support.

The CROSSWAY Multi Role Armoured Vehicle has been selected by two high profile UK police forces as the vehicle of choice for high intensity, multi disciplinary police operations. You can be assured that a CROSSWAY armoured vehicle is born of a thoroughbred pedigree and OVIK's deep understanding of armoured vehicle operations and design.

OVIK designs and builds armoured vehicles to meet the very highest international standards for armouring. For military vehicles OVIK conforms to the requirements of the NATO STANAG 4569 Standard. For non military armoured vehicles, OVIK meets all EU / BR / NIJ standards.


However, OVIK has now elected to utilise the new global VSAG 15 standards as its benchmark for design and manufacture of armoured vehicles. VSAG 15 surpasses all pre existing standards for armouring and not only sets rigorous performance standards - but also dictates methods and standards for manufacture and testing which are superior to all other standards. VSAG is the only way forward for OVIK - and by ensuring all of our non military vehicles reach the VSAG standard we know we have a world class product.



OVIK has an excellent pedigree in armoured vehicle design. OVIK management and staff benefit from extensive personal experience of armoured vehicle operations. That knowledge and experience combined with the recent success of OVIK’s PANGOLIN Armoured Public Order Vehicle for the Police Service of Northern Ireland (153 vehicles in service) has been applied in the creation of OVIK’s new CROSSWAY Multi Role Armoured Vehicle.

Up-armouring proprietary vehicles never provides the most effective automotive or ballistic solution and is highly inefficient in materials, cost and ultimately vehicle weight. Armoured vehicles should be designed and built as armoured vehicles - from the ground up. Converted OEM vehicles are simply a poor compromise; OVIK CROSSWAY armoured vehicles are purpose built, from the ground up, to protect and deliver personnel, equipment and logistics in the most hostile environments. 

CROSSWAY - Armour through Evolution


multi role armoured vehicle



Designed for a prestigious SE Asian customer and now with over 140 vehicles delivered to three countries, the Light STRIKE Vehicle provides the perfect answer to a cost-effective, lightweight (air transportable), robust, long-range weapons platform / patrol vehicle.

Based upon the OVIK ultra strong, heavy duty CENTAUR chassis with a payload of over 2.0 tonnes, STRIKE is unmatched in its class.

heavy duty strive chassis armoured vehicle


Built on the OVIK heavy duty CENTAUR Chassis

Developed in-house by OVIK's design team which includes a number of former UK commandos, STRIKE is an air-portable, rapid-reaction weapons platform. STRIKE represents extreme flexibility, strategic and operational mobility with exceptional levels of tactical terrain access.

Over 2.0 tonnes of combat payload, long range fuel tanks, integrated Central Tyre Inflation System, helicopter under-slung load attachment points and a range of engine and transmission options, LIGHT STRIKE is perfect for long range reconnaisance, patrolling, surveillance, deep strike, deception and harrassment operations. 

Capable of being equipped with a flexible range of 7.62mm and 12.7mm machine guns plus a 40mm Automatic Grenade Launcher along with an array of countermeasures and survivability enhancements, STRIKE punches way above its weight.

Also available in 6x6 format with combat payloads up to 2.6 tonnes and super-long range fuel tanks.  


CROSSWAY - Utility

Based upon OVIK’s own, ultra strong HEAVY DUTY STRIVE chassis.


Built on the OVIK HEAVY DUTY CENTAUR Chassis

OVIK CROSSWAY's class-leading payload capabililty places it in a leage of its own as a high capacity, battlefield, general-service logistics vehicle.  

With various body styles available, ranging from pickup to box body and specialist panel body, CROSSWAY utility vehicles, based on the CENTAUR chassis system, deliver true capability and reliablity.  

CROSSWAY Utility is the perfect partner for your fleet of more specialist CROSSWAY and CENTAUR based solutions; providing fleet commonality of spares and unified operator and technical training and support logistics.

As a general purpose, general utility vehicle and as part of a wider, specialist fleet, CROSSWAY utility is the obvious fleet work horse solution.  





crossway utility vehicle

CROSSWAY - Modular Mission Vehicle

Based upon OVIK’s own, ultra strong HEAVY DUTY STRIVE chassis.

fuel tanker recovery vehicle


One Vehicle - Multiple Missions

The OVIK CROSSWAY Modular Mission System utilises the unique YOYO load changer system both to manage logistical loads and / or to completely re-role the vehicle.

This is a highly specialised demount or load changer system; but gone is the cumbersome, expensive and heavy hydraulic hook system normally required to change payload as part of a demount or 'DROPS' system; the YOYO load changer is a revolution in vehicle modular load system management. YOYO utilises cables and electronics to swap loads of up to 3 tonnes in a little under 60 seconds.

Mounted onto the OVIK CROSSWAY 6x6 the YOYO system transforms the vehicle into a truly modular demount vehicle; making loading, unloading and management of containerised loads simpler than ever before.  What's more, with the OVIK Modular Mission System - the YOYO load changer is employed to actually swap the rear body; effectively re-roling the vehicle. From logistics to troop carrier; from patrol vehicle to ambulance; from fuel tanker to recovery vehicle. One Vehicle Multiple Missions                                                                                                                                                                                                     Read more...


CROSSWAY logistic vehicles are ideal for a range of specialist, logistical tasks in extreme terrain and high risk environments. Whether its a humanitarian task or a commercial resupply requirement, oil field support or military logistics, CROSSWAY logistics and ultility veghicles provide the payload and the reliability you require for peace of mind and mission success. Available in a range of body variations and in armoured or non-armoured configurations. 


Armoured or Non-Armoured

OVIK CROSSWAY vehicles, built on the heavy duty CENTAUR chassis, provide the ultimate basis for a lightweight, logistic delivery platform with class-leading payload. Available in armoured, non-armoured, pickup, flatbed, single cab, crew cab and demoutable YOYO configurations, the OVIK CROSSWAY ST-L Logistics vehicle family is a highly flexible, world-class solution.

The CROSSWAY ST-L Armoured Logistic Vehicle family is unique - optimised for carriage of both personnel and cargo/logistics. The CROSSWAY design optimises vehicle payload by minimising the armoured protection to that of the passenger/crew cell - thus reducing overall vehicle weight - giving invaluable additional payload for essential logistics. In 6x6 format the ST-L Armoured Logistic vehicle delivers safe crew transport and up to 2 tonnes of logistic cargo.





armoured logistic cargo

CROSSWAY Ambulance

Based upon OVIK’s own, ultra strong HEAVY DUTY STRIVE chassis.

station wagon ambulance


Built on the OVIK HEAVY DUTY CENTAUR Chassis

OVIK CROSSWAY lends itself perfectly to the demands of battlefield or arduous terrain casualty evacuation operations. Equipped with either a standard station-wagon rear body or the alternative, high capacity, composite monocoque rear body option, CROSSWAY Ambulances deliver true initial responder capability.

The high capacity body variant alows excellent headroom for medical professionals and sufficient capacity for up to four low dependency casualties (lying or sitting) or two high dependency casualties (lying). Ambulances are available with basic architecture, ready for 3rd party fit out, or as a fully integrated capability, built by the OVIK team.

High capacity body ready from June 2014. Standard capacity, station-wagon ambulance available now.