At OVIK CROSSWAY our expertise goes beyond just chassis and vehicle design. In order to deliver a fully comprehensive capability we are often required to design and develop specialist equipment to complement or enhance a vehicle's capability. Over the years we've developed some extremely unique and highly specialised equipment which has been developed in concert with various customers including specialist military and police units.  

The equipment and systems we've developed remain available for integration into new vehicles as required, and are also available in 'stand-alone' format for customers wishing to integrate OVIK Tactical Systems onto their own platforms.

From multi-level assault platforms for use in counter terrorist operations, to high security weapon storage vaults; OVIK Tactical Systems provide comprehensive capability enhancement.

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OVIK armoured vehicle


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At OVIK we believe in delivering equipment which is not only fit for purpose, but which is designed to meet our customers' specific operational requirements.  We understand that operational challenges vary depening upon a whole host of factors and as such we understand that, in equipment terms, one size does not fit all.

Whether it's an entire vehicle, an assault platform, a ballistic shield system or a secure weapons storage system, we work with our clients in a bid to understand the operational context in which the equipment will be employed. Once we have a good handle on the operational environment and specific challenges, we are well placed to design and develop equipment to meet those challenges.  Over the years we have built up a significant portfolio of specialist equipment solutions; sometimes our customers are able to select OVIK Tactical Support equipment off the shelf; but more often than not, some tailoring of existing systems or a completely new system is required in order to provide a fully relevant solution.

This page gives an overview of some of the systems we have produced and now offer to our global client base.  This snap-shot is not exhaustive by any means.  If you or your organisation has an operational equipment requirement then come and talk to us... no matter how complex the problem, if there is an engineering solution we will find it and develop a product fit for purpose.   

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The OVIK AR-Vault system is born of an operational challenge posed by a number of UK police forces; namley to provide a highly robust and secure weapons storage system which would integrate dierctly and securely into a wide range of vehicles (BMW X5 / BMW Q7 / Audi A6 / Mercedes VITO / Volvo V50 / Volvo V70 / Land Rover Discovery / Range Rover / Ford Focus etc - to name but a few).

After some two years of development and working in conjunction with Specialist Firearms Officers from three UK police forces, OVIK has produced a fully modular, highly flexible and secure storage system - The Armed Response Vault - or AR-Vault.  The AR-Vault meets all the stated requirements for secure weapon storage and secure integration into the base vehicle.  It is fully modular in construction and caters for a vast array of weapons and equipment.  The AR-Vault system integrates into a number of 'framework' vehicles and provides either an overt or covert storage system which can be enhanced with additional storage for dual use vehicles (firearms and roads policing).  Improtantly, whilst highly robust and durable - the system is designed to take the base vehicle's Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) and axle weight constraints into consideration; crucial from a legal and safety perspective.  

front of the secure weapon storage

robust secure weapon storage

isnide of the secure weapon storage


The OVIK MANTIS Assault Platform System is a unique, modular and flexible vehicle mounted assault system. Designed originaly as a bespoke product for integration with the OVIK CROSSWAY MRAV vehicle, MANTIS is now available for integration on to a wide range of base vehicle platforms.

Highly modular in design, lightweight, robust and designed with significant input from UK Special Forces and Counter Terrortist Police Units - MANTIS represents the cutting edge in vehicle-mounted assault systems.

The images shown here only represent a tiny percentage of the MANTIS capability. Much of what MANTIS is capable of achieving we prefer to keep out of the public domain at the request of our customers.  

If you have a genuine requirement for vehicle mounted, specialsit assault and breaching systems please contact us directly.


The OVIK CT Assault Steps form an integral part of the MANTIS Assault Platform System. However, CT Assault steps - for vehicle sides and rear, are also available as stand alone items - for integration onto a diverse range of vehicles.

The CT Assault Steps provide the operational user with the abiligty to stand off the ground - utilising an armoured vehicle as an effective shield / cover from hostile fire.  The steps stow in a position similar to standard running boards or rear vehicle steps - but can be extended in seconds to provide a much wider and more stable platform.

The CT Assault steps provide marksmen and snipers with an excellent, stable platform whilst utilising the vehicle for protection and cover from fire and view. CT Assault steps also allow multiple assaulters to mount the vehicle exterior as part of a covered assault procedure.  Talk to us about your requirements for CT Assault Steps.


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