CROSSWAY armoured limousines are armoured cars in the truest sense, with none of the compromises of 'up-armoured' SUVs or saloon cars.  With decades of cumulative experience of operating armoured vehicles in combat, insurgency and terrorist environments it baffles us why so many institutions and individuals opt for 'armoured' conversions of SUVs and saloon cars to provide armoured protection.

The standards of protection afforded by 'armoured' SUV's and saloon conversions can never be 100% effective due to the original vehicle's design.  Unfortunately, when it comes to armouring an SUV or a saloon car it's normally a matter of form over function; too often the armour gives way to the aesthetic. That's simply not the right system of priorities when your primary aim is to protect life.

CROSSWAY armoured VIP vehicles are 100% pure armoured vehicles with a battlefield pedigree. Introducing the CROSSWAY PATRIOT - based upon the same armoured body as vehicles in service with police and military - but with a distinctly luxury appeal.

If there's a ballistic threat and you have responsibility for others; colleagues, loved ones, employers, employees, think carefully about your priorities for protection.


CROSSWAY PATRIOT for total peace of mind. Talk to us about your requirements.



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If there's a genuine threat to life, then don't compromise with your protection. It's too late when the bullets start to fly to discover that your 'armoured' SUV or luxury saloon car isn't very well armoured.

With CROSSWAY PATRIOT you can rest assured that the armour comes first. We build a military spec armoured vehicle then work hard on the looks and the luxury... in that order of priority.

THE FACTS of LIFE... Why Converted and 'Up-Armoured' SUVs and Saloon Cars Can't Compare to CROSSWAY PATRIOT

The standards of protection afforded by armoured SUV and saloon conversions can never be 100% effective by virtue of the original vehicle's design. Often the standard of armouring in these vehicles is woefully inadequate, as armouring companies try to work around the automotive limitations of standard, consumer SUVs and saloon cars and try effectively to armour the compound curves and intricacies of the base vehicle's body, wheel arches, roof, door shuts.... Lots of plating, too much welding, poor armour coverage, ballistic leakage; all of these are sadly, common features of so many, so-called 'armoured' cars. Unfortunately, when it comes to armouring an SUV or a saloon car it's normally a matter of form over function; too often the armour gives way to the aesthetic. That's simply not the right system of priorities.

What's more, most of the companies partaking in the armouring of these 'off-the-shelf' vehicles do not account for the 'skin effect' when designing their armoured solutions. If you're unsure what 'skin effect' is you'll be in good company, because most vehicle armouring companies don't know either. In essence, the skin effect (sometimes called the 'car body effect') is the effect the outer skin (the standard vehicle body) has on the performance of armoured materials which are integrated beneath the original vehicle outer skin. Bizarreley and somewhat counter-intuitively, the outer steel skin often has a negative impact, reducing the effectiveness of armoured steel and / or composite armour significantly. But it's rarely, if ever, taken into account in the vehicle's armour design. Armouring companies test and certify armoured materials in isolation i.e. not in conjunction with the vehicle's standard, steel skin. They then insert the armour under the vehicle's original steel outer skin and assume it will perform correctly. In most cases, it wont. In fact, armoured steel under a 'soft' vehicle skin needs as much as 15% - 20% greater cross-section (it needs to be thicker) to achieve the same level of protection it provides in its raw, exposed state. But armouring companies either don't know that, or conveniently ignore the fact, because 15% - 20% more armour equals 15% - 20% more weight (a killer for most saloons and SUVs) and 15% - 20% more cost. Consequently, most converted armoured vehicles are running with tragically sub-optimal armour; without the occupants having even the slightest inkling that they're not fully protected. To our minds, that's criminal.

Add to that, the fact that SUV's and saloon cars were never designed to carry the additional weight of armour.  Once armoured, practically all such vehicles increase in mass beyond the limits set by the original equipment manufactuer (OEM). Chassis come under unprecedented strain, door hinges are stressed, suspension can't cope, wheels and tyres exceed their maximum safety rating and critically, brakes are inadequate. Good armouring companies go a long way to try to mitigate these issues but, sadly, the vast majority of companies don't.  

Of course, there are circumstances were 'discreet' armour is necessary, but in reality, these occasions are rare and the need for discreet armour must be balanced against the priority for armoured integrity. Ultimately, the simple fact remains - SUVs and saloon cars were never designed to be armoured; so why try to do something to a vehicle that it was never designed to do in the fast place? Why put your people at risk in a vehicle that cannot be armoured 100% effectively and that wasn't designed to carry the weight of additional armour? When you think about it... it makes no sense whatsoever. 

Having said all that - one of the main reasons why such vehicles have gained in popularity is because there simply hasn't been a suitable alternative for the every day, civilian armoured car user.  Until now.

Most armoured vehicle users have no idea their vehicle isn't particularly well armoured..... until it's too late. Beware.


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ovik crossway patriot

ovik crossway patriot

With CROSSWAY you get a fully tested and independently certified, 100% compliant, pure armoured vehicle, with an armoured hull, purpose built to UK Home Office standards and with none of the compromises of a converted SUV or saloon. Our armoured hull is designed to afford the occupants the very higest levels of armoured ballistic protection; 100% ballistic integrity, even down to the passage of the steering column, wiring looms and ventilation through the bulkeads. NOTHING is left to chance. What's more, we don't hide our armour under a 'soft' skin. Our armour is exposed - as it's designed to be. With a CROSSWAY you can see the door shuts, the overlaps, the through-armour ports, the armoured glass cassettes and the armoured labyrinths... You can see the integrity of the armour at a glace. That's true peace of mind.

'But I Have a Requirement for a Luxury Vehicle'

If it's luxury you want.. we can provide the very highest levels of trim and vehicle fit-out. What's more, because all of our vehicles are built to order and bespoke, we will trim and fit the vehicle exactly how you want it; to your specifications. Whatever you want, we will provide. But crucially, you'll know that the leather, the walnut, the Wilton carpet and the Alcontara aren't masking sub-standard 'token' armour.

If you really need armour.....you really need to buy an armoured vehicle; not a car, with some armour welded to it.

'I'd Like a Luxury Brand - A 'Badge' on My Armoured Vehicle.

Then ask yourself what your real priority is. To impress.. or to preserve life?